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The 5 greatest most devastating natural disasters ever!

Here is a list of the five greatest most devastating natural disasters ever!

5)2006 Tsunami in Indian Ocean-
The earthquake of magnitude 9.8 and the resultant tsunami in the Indian ocean wiped out nearly 200 million homes, caused over 75 billion dollars in damage of property and resulted in 5 million people dead.
This is the worst disaster in recent times.Over 20 countries were affected.

4) Pompey volcano in 87 AD -
This volcano affected Europe so devastatingly that many people did not even stand a chance.The worst volcanic disaster in history surely, do not have any stats on this one.

3)Nuclear Bomb dropping on Japan -
No need of any information on this one.Everyone knows everything about this.

2)The plaque of the 1800's -
The plaque in Europe in 1800's was the worst epidemic ever and removed more than 60% of the population in Europe, its amazing they were even able to revive after that.

1)The Meteor collision - 60 million years ago-
The greatest event in the history of earth, a truly cosmic event, Wiped out 75% of the population of the earth got destroyed and this paved way for mammals to overcome the reign of dinosaurs.

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