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William Porterfield Ireland Cricket Captain criticizes umpires

The so called "minnows" Cricket team Ireland's captain and leader William Porterfield criticized the umpires at the world cup of cricket 2011 after the match against West Indies just a couple of days back as he felt the decision to give Gary Wilson out leg before the wicket was not the greatest decision the umpire had made.

Porterfield had reviewed the decision is the UDRS system, which has been newly introduced in the game of cricket, following from tennis, with same rules for each referral.In the Review the appeal appeared not out as the ball pitched outside and hit the batsman's pads outside the line of the stumps, but the decision was given out, this outraged the dynamic Ireland captain.

Porterfield seemed dejected that after a promising win over England, which was arguably a one man show rather than a team win, their world cup tour is coming to an end and so is their 15 minutes of fame.

Before in his pre match and post match interviews, he used say we still have a chance, now he is dejected to just saying we have to try to play well in our remaining matches.

Ireland have become some what a one hit wonder, showing their class in the odd game but not maintaining the consistency

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