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Adsense India Asia

Adsense In India has become very popular.India has some really good computer people and they make really good websites and really good SEO as well. I do not need to teach them that. But I would like to share my experiences.
Some tips for my fellow Indians:

Do not make websites centered only on India Traffic as this will lead to very Low CPC.
Do not join any group you do not trust.
Diversify and get traffic from countries like USA and Europe.
Do not join link exchange groups.
Reciprocal link exchange is good with high PR sites which you can trust, such as PR above 2.
Make sure your mailing address is properly typed as without this you will not get the mail of PIN and cheque.
Seo is very important.
Be at home when you think you will receive the cheque, as your postman may not just drop it off at your home.
Also keep in touch with postmaster of your city.
Get really good content rich with a lot of keywords so that Google has options to display advertisements.

Also check out PIN delivery in India.
How to get adsense account approved.

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