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Own Private Jet, Things to do with a private jet!

Do you want to own a private jet? Well, be ready to shell out a large amount of cash, in the millions if you want a good private jet, If you are searching to buy a great private jet, then you must be very rich indeed, I would say some of the richest in the world.

Private jets are great fun, here are a list of stuff you should do if you are lucky and rich enough to buy a private jet-
1)Fly between countries whenever you want!
2)Fly in the middle of the night, tell the pilot you want to sleep for half an hour more and make him wait!
3)Throw stuff around in your private jet and tell your waiters to clean them.
4)Take friends on a cool trip of a lifetime.Become popular.
5)Have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the air!
6)Hog up two seats in a row!
7)Tell your boss(If your not your own boss) that your flight was delayed or arrived late.
8)Fly the jet yourself!.Be careful but!
9)Race the F16 fighter planes.
10)Get stealth coat to hide away from radar!
11)Shine lights during night and make people think its a UFO.

Be creative and enjoy!!

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Private Jet said...

Only a Private Jet allow you to travel along with your loved pets. You can travel with them, not in separate cabin.

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