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Weird looking budgie parakeet behavior

Here I have put together some of the wierd looking budgie and parakeet behavior.
This one is a bugdie or parakeet, hanging on to the cage and flapping its wings, they do this so that they get the blood circulation going and keep their wings in good shape.

This one is a budgie whose genetics have gone wrong and it has long curly feathers which totally remove its ability to fly and it cannot even see properly and needs help in feeding as well.It is some what a HULK of a Budgie, a mutant parakeet!

This is the case of the head bobbing budgie, its a sign that the parakeet is happy or content.It also means it likes the other bird and it is entertaining itself!All budgies do this.

If you want to know about any other behavior please leave a comment and tweet this and share it!

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