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Football Academy For Asians and Australians in Europe

Football has taken up a big part of everyones life in the Asian and Australian regions, even in New Zealand As well, so I found this soccer institute based in England, Europe which gives trials for young foot ball talent up-to 24 years of age and is an excellent opportunity if you have the talent to make it at the top level of European football, but you need to pay in the order of around 2000 or 3000 dollars, i am not quite sure, for this Football Training Trials, If you do get selected by many of the coaches and scouts around there, you will be assured a good footballing career, there are also choices you have to make on the duration of the training, longer the training stint higher is the cost.

Also the academy will provide food and housing for the Academy timings of 6 or more weeks.

So for more you can check out

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