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United States Of America is the best place for huge Adsense Profits!

United states of America is absolutely the best place to earn a substantial income from Adsense.
The USA has a very good online culture which is lacking in most parts of the world in the current world situation.
People here have been brought up thinking that online culture is very good, by online culture I mean, Citizens of United States buy a lot of stuff online using Credit Cards and PayPal and Internet Banking that is being offered by most banks around the world today, but in USA it is most prevalent.

People of the United States buy stuff everyday of internet websites such as Amazon and eBay and hence adwords users do not mind paying more for traffic from the USA.
Even Europe is also a very good traffic destination if you are a Webmaster owning a blog or website with adsense activated on it.

Here is a example, started by an American earns over 300000$ a month from Adsense alone as it has over 150 million visitors a month.

So these days a person making a website will look for people from the above mentioned places for good revenue sharing with Google.
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