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Buy LCD computer personal laptops online

I have bought two LCD computers online, so I want to tell people what to look for and where to buy computers and laptops, I would definitely recommend DELL computers as they have really good options of buying computers, laptops, music systems, hardware, monitors,CPU's,UPS, etc online.  They give terrific amount of drop down options for each specification of a computer or a laptop and hence make it an easier job for us, which is what we are looking for isn't it?The first time I bought something online from DELL i was skeptical but later I found that they are very reliable and the parcel of my requirements came to my house within 10 days although the given time period was 15 days.That is the ind of customer service i am looking for and I am sure so too are you, its actually what everyone looks for these days, good value for money.

There are also other places where you can buy computers online, but I am not sure how good their processes are, so please research and then buy.

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