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How to become famous and rich on YouTube celebrity!

Looking for a job online?do you have a knack of making good videos?do you have some talent which the world would like to see?Do you want to become an online celebrity?rich and famous?

Become a You-tuber.

Things you need to become rich and famous on YouTube:

A good quality cameras.Never make videos  from other videos or never copy content as you will never get Adsense for YouTube is do not have 100% original content.

A good theme.
You are going to get subscribers only if you have a good theme, if you have random topics for videos, you will not get many subscribers.

Good Editing software for Videos.
This is important to make your videos look professional and look good.

Google Adsense for websites or blogs.
You need to have an approved adsense account to integrate to YouTube and make money!

Check out our Adsense topics for more info.

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Anonymous said...

I always found that this helped me get somewhat noticed

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