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Tips for parents to control troubled teenagers- Parenting

Troubled teenagers are a problem for their parents, how much ever may a parent love their children but when their teenage children do crazy stuff and sometimes problematic stuff, the parents have to take strict action.
Here are some stuff parents should do to control troubled teenagers-

1)Ground the teenagers, do not let them out to go crazy everyday and night, keep their fun time outside home to may be 3 or 4 hours a week, as you should let them develop as well properly in terms of social development.

2)Make your home fun, get them TV's or whatever it is that they like in return for good behavior.If they fail to behave, then take away their privileges.This is found to work really well especially for teenage boys, teenage girls it may not work so well.

3)Be strict with the teenagers, but not too strict, so as to make them resent you.Be moderately strict and they will come on to the right track.

4)Military School, one year at a military school will straighten out any problematic and indisciplined troubled teenager, but it may not be suitable for teenage girls.

5)Teenage Rehab, this should be an extreme step, once all other have failed, you can go to an expert to solve your teenage children's problems. 

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