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What will India 2020 be like in technology and superpower?

By the rate of growth of Indian economy and the emergence of upper middle class in the past few years, you can safely say that India will be one of the superpowers of the world by the year 2020.
India has a lot of potential due to its vast population and large amount of natural resources, which China lacks, so India has even more potential that China, although it population is a little lesser than China, the resources factor increases India's potential.

Large population means large potential for income of the country but overall development of the country will be more difficult, this is probably why India has not yet become a superpower of the likes of the United States of America.

India has the most intelligent youth in all fields and especially in the Information Technology or the IT field.
Indian youth are in demand for jobs all over the world, not only for their expertise but also the lower wages factor.

With bright minded leaders like Rahul Gandhi likely to be the future of Indian Politics, India cannot go wrong, so by 2020 India must be a world superpower.

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