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The Domino effect of climate change natural disasters 2012

Recently I have written a lot of posts on 2012 and the events taking place in Japan and New Zealand, today I will write about a topic that is not just a concern for the people of Japan or New Zealand or the countries of the Pacific Ring Of Fire.

This is of utter importance to every human being on the planet, and I call it the "Domino effect"

So what is this domino effect?
Have you ever played dominoes? Then you will know that if you make one fall over, all the dominoes fall, one after the other in succession, all will fall.

Similarly one climate change effect can have drastic effects on other parts of our environment and hence finally may lead to an unhealthy environment.

Imagine an earthquake or a super volcano or Tsunami event happened.
A lot of people are injured and some lose everything, this may give rise to epidemics and pandemics, which will lead to a whole lot of other problems.
This will lead to in fighting and other problems, like this we may loose our social order.

This is probably most likely event in 2012 when compared to Nibiru predictions and Galactic Rift predictions.

How can we protect against this Domino effect?
"The moment we start to stop caring for each other, that is when we loose our humanity", So all we need to do is help each other, during time of need.

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