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Make Money Online

What Are Surveys?
Surveys are a method in which the companies or institutions can realize what people think about their products or services and how to reach the extreme potential of thier product sales. The survey may last from a period of 5 minutes to more than an hour or so.You can easily make up to 800$ a month through this method by just giving your  opinion about the products being surveyed.

We recomend you to join all the leading survey panels on the web, we have prepared a list of top paying online
 surveys for your convenience:

1)Mindfield Online Panel: One of the highest paying sites.

2)Lightspeed survey panel:  You need a PayPal account for this.

3)Opinion Outpost


5)Ipsos Survey panel

6)Global Test Market

7)Online customer surveys

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a web based advertizement agency run by Google, as you all know is based in United States 

of America. You can create an account, it is a tough process but you can do it with a little hard work ,check out Tips to get adsense account approval , once you have a website and hope that they accept youTo get accepted itself is not easy at all, in certain countries like India and China Japan Malaysia, you need to have a Website or a blog for at least 6 months before applying and get a large amount of traffic to your website or blog.If by bad luck you do not get Google adsense to approve your website or blog, you can still try other advertizers such as adbrite or bidvertizer or chitika or even Infolinks. Making money from google adsense is easy if you make sure you read this.

Google adsense is the best ad agency online and probably the most prompt one to do business with for both advertiser as well as publisher. The most important things to do to maximise profits from adsense is to get more and more traffic,by more traffic I mean Good targeted traffic, since adsense pays on CPC basis this will be most important. There are many people out there who make thousands of dollars a month using adsense. 
Maximize your profits using adsense:

1. Always put up quality and unique content on your site to attract visitors.

2. Advertise your site on sites such as facebook and twitter and other social bookmarking sites to get more visitors.

3.Use Digg website which is a awesome tool to get targeted traffic.

4. Pick a niche. Pick a niche which you know a lot about for your website or blog, you should have a lot of information with which you can make money.

5.Include Meta tags on your wbsite code to increase key word search traffic entries.Nowadays Google does not give any importance to Keyword tag due to its misuse by mane webmasters. 

6. Place ads on places in your site where it can be easily seen and people visit often such as next to titles.

If Google adsense does not approve your site, try the other ad agencies.

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