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How to make a website using Lockernerd Servers, Easy Tips

Making a website can be a very exciting thing to do, infact even as you are reading this hundreds of websites are being made. You can make one too, FOR FREE! So lets start to make a free website easily!

There are many ways to make a website easily but our favoutrite way is this. We highly recommend you to follow this procedure. So follow this and make a website easily.

First thing you need to do is to is to get a web host. This is very important as this will be your server, your web host. For this i recommend you to use lockernerd, which is a free server provider. Once you register there and have a free account, now you can go on to make your website.

For this first go to the wesite,, where you can get a free website name such as, set up a domain using the server information, your servers will be

Now that you have set up your domain, you need to wait for a while. The information provided on the screen after setting up your domain says you have to 72 hours, but this is not the case. Check back after half an hour and the site will be set up.

Once the site is up, don't get worried if you see only index/ on the page, this is not an error, it shows that as there is no content on your page. Proceed to build the site.

When choosing a free host beware as some hosts take 50% of the revenue you earn from your ads on the website, like weebly does. See Adsense for more information on how to put ads on your site.

If you were not able to follow the steps given above you can try this video.

Once you have constructed your website, its time to design it.

You can also Set up a blog instead of a website,as it is easier to make and design.

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