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How to make money from RSS Feeds Using Google Adsense On BlogSpot?

RSS feeds are a very important tool used in making making from Google Adsense by most of the Publishers.
RSS feeds delivers your new Blog Posts and updates from your blog to Google Reader or any other such a platform to the People who have subscribed to your blog.If you want to make more money from Adsense you had better opt for RSS too. I have increased my earning a lot since I started using Adsense for Feeds.

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So How to make money from Google Adsense using RSS feeds on you Blogger or Blog-spot Blogs?

First of all you need to visit your "Monetize" section of your blog.

Now you have go to Adsense For feeds and the Feedburner application there will give you a unique ID, that is a Unique URL where your feeds are being directed to.

Now visit Feedburner And login using your Google Id. Here you can manage your RSS feeds as well as get the HTML code for a Subscribe Button, which you need to put on your blog for people to Subscribe to your RSS Feeds.

You can choose whether your Ad should appear at the top or bottom of your Feed and Google Adsense will take care of the Matching the colors and it will also pick the best Ad format for your Feed depending on your Article.

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masita said...

can you explain me the steps how to make adsense from RSS?

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