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How to Avoid Hair Loss in the Shower? Avoid and Prevent Hair Loss From Water

A lot of people experience hair fall in the Shower and feel that they are going to go bald soon and get stressed out and this results in actual balding of a person.The fact is that not all people who lose hair in the shower need to be upset as this is a normal thing, Your hair keeps falling daily and in a Daily normal number of Hair fall, they get stuck in your hair itself and the fallen hairs accumulate through out the day and finally come out and fall out from the Hair while showering as you are pouring water over your head and cleaning it.A lot of hair do fall out at this stage of washing hair.But you can do some things to make sure you prevent unnecessary hair fall -

How to avoid Hair Loss in the Shower?

Use Shampoo only once every 3 days, not more than that.Too much Shampoo also clogs the pores and makes hair Fall, So at the maximum twice showering per week and hence 8 times a month.

Use Less of Conditioner, for the same reason as above.

Never Comb your hair while its wet.

Do not use steaming hot water while showering as this can affect your scalp badly and cause hair fall.Use Timid or Mild water while Showering.

Do not rub your wet hair with a towel roughly, be gentle and you will save a lot of hair.

Do not use a Dryer or an Iron to Dry your hair, it can have bad effects on your hair and cause hair fall.

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