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Royal Wedding Prince William Kate Middleton Gossip and Trouble

The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is going to take place on 29th April 2011 and here is some of the latest Gossip on the Royal wedding of 2011.Kate Middleton, the Queen to be, will arrive at the west Minster Abbey in the repaired Rolls Royce that was damaged when Prince Charles and his Queen Camilla were attacked by a set of student protesters in 2010, that is last year.Did not know it took so long to repair the Rolls Royce.Must have been expensive though.

Alex Garty said that there was paint damage to the expensive car as well as some of the glass had shatter marks on them, so there was a lot of damage to repair.Alex Garty is the transport manager for the wedding, talk about wanting everything to be perfect, a transport manager for a wedding? Really?

The Bridal gown that Kate Middleton was supposed to wear was seen by the paparazzi before the wedding itself and hence they had showed the photos of the wedding dress to the whole world.But the question still remains whether or not Kate will change the bridal gown after it was seen by the whole world.

We wish them a happy and long married life.

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