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How many Hair does a normal person Man Lose in a day?

How many Hair does a normal person Man Lose in a day?

A Question Asked far too often and something most people get scared about when I tell them that a normal person should lose around 100 hair per day, its natural.Everyone single person on earth, Man Women or Child loses a 100 hair per day without any exception, Although the exact number may vary, but on an average 100 hairs per day are lost.

Average Daily Hair Fall

Some Red Heads Lose Less hair than Blondes, The Black Haired people lose hair at a moderate level compared to the Red Heads and the Blondes.It all depends on the normal Hair fall Cycle.

Also most people lose the 100 hairs a day mostly in the Shower and While Combing Hair fall occurs.

Do not be worried about Hair Fall.

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