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Teenage Boys Hair Fall at age 17 to 21.Hair Loss Tips for Hair Fall Young!

There have been many instances of Hair fall starting for men or boys who are still in their teenage years, the most popular example is Wayne Rooney, he has been dealing with thinning hair and hair fall since he was 18 years old.
So it can happen, Hair Loss or Hair fall due to thinning hair and premature Balding in teenage boys even of age 16 years old.This young teenage Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness can happen to anyone who has a weak genetic problem of Hair Fall usually inherited directly from the father or from the mothers side of the family.Propecia can also occur due to the same reason as stated above, Genetics.

But sometimes Male Pattern Baldness in Young Adults or Teenagers can occur due to excessive stress due to exams, Studies, Family problems, Relationship problems Etc.It may also occur due to not getting enough sleep, partying every night due to which you get tired and stressed out or working long hour part time jobs which also put a lot of stress on the Teenagers.Also worrying about Hair fall increases the chance of Male Pattern Baldness or Total Baldness in teenages as the more they worry the more adrenaline they pump out and this blocks and clogs the pores of the hair roots and hence causing the hair to fall out easily, if untreated leads to Total Baldness.

I suggest you find some Online treatments for Hair fall or at-least learn about it more.We have some good articles on this subject.

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