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Top 5 Best Places to travel in India|Best Places to see|Top cities to visit

Hello Fellow travelers, Want to travel to India?Good Idea.It is a wonderful place to travel to on a holiday after a long season of working, Visit India To relax and just Chill out.So then You want to know about the best Travel places in India?The Cities that you need to visit?The Places you just have to see, if you are in India?Then You came to the right place, here I will give you the  Top 5 Best Places to travel in India so that you know where to go when you visit India to get the most out of your vacation and of course see some wonderful places, enjoy.

Top 5 Best Places to travel in India -

1)Taj Mahal - Agra

2)Rothang Pass - Jammu

3)Dal Lake - Jammu

4)Wonder La Amusement Park - Bangalore

5)Tirupati - Worlds Richest Temple.

Enjoy the Top 5 Best Places to travel in India!

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Travel Tips said...

Each and every corner of India has loads of attractions. There's no place that can be left out. I think one trip is definitely not enough to explore India.

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