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What is the Use of Adsense Link Units in CPC and CTR?

Google Adsense is an extremely useful tool for Bloggers to Monetize their Blogs or websites.It allows publishers many types of Ad Units and the Adsense Link Units are one of such Ad Units which are allowed by Adsense.They come in various types, A single line of Ads or A button of Ads.So What is the main Use of Link Units in Adsense?

Link Units provide exact key words related to your Article or Blog post, these are extremely useful when what you write about does not have an exact matching Advertising, then these Link Units come of use greatly.They provide what the Visitor is looking for and when the Button is Clicked, it takes the visitor to a new Google Page where many more Advertisements are placed, where the Visitor can choose which one to go for.

From my personal experience, Link Units close to or next to the Content or text of your Article or Blog Post will be the best place to keep.At these positions, they are easily visible and easily available to the Visitor.

When you are writing about topics such as Pet Birds, Football, Cricket, Celebrity Gossip, these kind of Link Units help you as there are no Banner or Text Ads for these topics.That is the main use of Adsense Link Units.

As Far as CPC and CTR goes, you can expect the same results as with the Large Rectangle or a Leaderboard with the Link Units as well, but since the topics are astray, you may get a little less.

For such Blogs with Uncommon Topics, I would suggest Private Advertisements.

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