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Angry Birds 3D latest game for iPhone 5 and other Android Phones as well

Angry Birds has become the best and most Popular iPhone application ever, and many people are going for therapy for Angry Birds addiction.The guy who started the Angry Birds software Application for iPhone and other Android based Smart mobile Phones must be pretty rich, very rich actually.The game has taken off like a fighter plane and is now available on almost all platforms for mobile phones and Tablets, Computers and Laptops.

The latest editions of the Angry Bird Gaming application is the Angry Birds Rio version, promoting the movie Rio.
Another Latest Angry Bird Application for gaming on Mobile Phones is Angry Birds 3D, which of course requires a Smart phone capable of 3D.Or may be they made a provision that the software can convert the viewing experience into 3D.

I would love to play Angry Birds in 3D and watch the different sized birds suffer by the Bird bombs!

Let us play Angry Birds and make the birds even more Angry!

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1 comment:

Angry Birds Online said...

This is great news for the Angry Bird fans who have nothing better to do than sit around and play mindless games.

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