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How to get Top of Google Search Engine Results First Page quickly Easily

The Best ways to get traffic to your website is through google search. About 90% of the internet users use google as their primary search engine! So if want to get good traffic, you better read on.

Google has an amazing way of recognising websites that need to be up in the first few pages.
All you need to do is follow these tips and you will prosper.

1)Submit your website to Google Search.

2)Have content on your website which is of interest to others.

3)Have unique content.

4)Use Meta Tags and Good Titles in each of your pages, remember your home page may not be the most popular page.

5)Keep Updating new pages atleast every week, Google prefers websites that update regularly!

6)Get backlinks from many reputed website, contact the owner of the site to exchange links.

7)Maintain a good neighbourhood, that is give out links only to good websites, which your viewers would not mind visiting.

8)Make sure you have keywords in your Title and domain name.

9)Keyworrd wieghtage, make sure it is 5 to 7% of your body text.

10)Make sure your website is easily navigable and does not have any broken links.

Follow these ten simple rules and you will surely get to the top of the google search.

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