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Can you a Living from Adsense Earnings? Quit Your Day Job?

Many people hear about Google Adsense Program and feel that they can excel in the Adsense program and make a lot of money and live happily and comfortably without having to go to work or have fixed working timings.They hear about People who make thousands of dollars a month on Adsense like Markus Frind, Amit Agarwal, Darren Rowse and would also probably have read the list of top adsense Earners.But it does not work like, that The Adsense Success Rates are very low, especially in the Developing countries.Not everyone that has a website or a blog makes thousands of dollars, working from home, listening to music while maintaining a website.

Can I make a living only from my adsense earnings?Can I quit my day job?

This is a popular question asked by most new Adsense Beginners and the Hard answer is NO!
Very few people become successful in the Adsense Program.It takes a lot of work, Designing a Good Website, Getting an Adsense Account approved, SEO, then finally Optimizing your Adsense Earnings.

For me it took about 6 months after starting up with this hit Blog, to start making a decent earning each day.So you can expect to take that long and a lot of hard work to make a decent amount of money through Adsense.

So I would Advice you to NOT Quit Your Day Job for Working on Adsense.

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