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Amit Agarwal a Truly great WebMaster and Adsense Expert from India

Today I am a very Proud Indian as not only has India Won the Cricket World Cup recently, but also due to the fact that We Indians have the best adsense expert and Webmaster who goes by the name Amit Agarwal.
Amit Agarwal is of course the creator of Digital Inspiration Blog, Called Labnol. Which is an absolutely brilliant and amazing Technology blog, which is among the top 100 Technology Blogs in the World and the foremost in India.

The rest of us bloggers just wish to be like him one day, hopefully we can with some hard work.

Amit Agarwal is also an intellect by birth, which has been proved as he has studied in IIT Madras which is the Foremost Under Graduate College in India. He left a lucrative job as a software professional to become India's First True Professional Blogger and it has been documented that he is the top adsense earner in India and one of the top Adsense Earners in the world.

He has reached the top due to his hard work, so we bloggers also should work hard and aim for such a goal.

I wrote this  article as an emotional motivator for Bloggers who are just starting out as well as those bloggers who are finding it tough to make a name for themselves.

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