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Factors that decide hair fall Men |Hereditary Genetics from Mothers Side of family

Hair fall will be a hurdle for every man at some point on their life, but some men get through life without ever having the need to worry about Losing hair, hair fall o hair thinning.So what factors decide the Hair fall or loss or Thinning of hair in men?I have asked this question to many experts of the field of Hair treatment and Hair Care as well as Doctors and Gene Specialists, so I have made a list of reasons or causes or factors that lead to Hair Fall in Young Men, Teenagers as well as older men.Here are about 21 factors that decide hair fall  in Men -

Factors that decide hair fall Men -

1)Genetics - Hereditary Genetics from Mothers Side of family

2)Lack of Sleep

3)Thyroid Gland Hormonal Problems


5) Fatigue

6)Too much Tension



9)Too much sun

10)Too much hot water

11)Too many showers

12)Overuse of Shampoo and Conditioners

13)Lack of nutritional diet

14)Male Pattern Baldness


16)Too much Smoking and Alcohol

17)Father is Bald

18)Chemotherapy Radiotherapy treatment

19)Rough maintenance

20)Natural Hair Fall Cycle 

21)Wrong Hair Transplant

Also Hair Fall Tips

Hair Fall during Shower

Hair Fall While Combing

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