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2012 Prophecies? End Of the World Prophecies and NASA Solar Storm Maximum

We are well into 2011, and getting very close to the dreaded end of the world date set by the Mayans those thousands of years ago and the worry of 2012 December 21st is getting to the best of us non-believers.See the Proof for World won't end in 2012 .

With rising global crisis and natural disasters, people are starting to believe the news about the 2012 End of the world Prophecies.Starting with the 2004 Tsunami in the India Ocean, The Japan Earthquake 2011, The Previous Sequences leading to Disasters that wiped out civilizations and the recent Storm in the USA which has affected thousands, Katrina The Hurricane, The Pakistan Earthquake, The Nuclear Meltdown at Japan Daichi Fukushima, The Fleet Of Aliens Over Daichi  and also the recent Football field size Asteroid that just missed us in March 2011,Etc have all lead people to believe that the End of the world prophecies are near and 2012 December 21st is the Judgement Day.

But I say, we have nothing to worry about.NASA have declared that there is no scientific evidence what so ever that the Prophecies are true and the only thing that will happen for sure is the Solar Maxima in 2011, where the Solar radiations increase and may affect all the Electronic Gear.

So lets us believe in God , Jesus, Lord Shiva, Allah, The Prophet, and hope that nothing is going to affect us.

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