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Thinning Hair Fact|Cure Thinning Hair|Symptoms and Hair Loss Tips

Thinning Hair is the first sign of impending Hair Loss or Hair fall that will soon follow.When you notice thinning hair, you should soon go to your hair doctor or Hair specialist to see what the cause for it may be and what to do to prevent any further thinning or even loss of hair.So you should keep looking at your hair, to see if any of it looks thinner or abnormally very fine.

Hair Thinning is not usually noticed until the hair is thin by 60%, so when you do notice it, it will be too late to do much about the thinning hair and due to the late action it may lead to eventual hair fall and may even lead to Male Patter Baldness.

You should be in a situation to save your hair, so you need to keep checking thoroughly every week.Thinning hair can also be found out while bathing, if you just stroke your hair with wet hands, then if you see fine thin hair sticking to your hand, then your hair may have already started to become thin.So you need to make sure at that time what the cause may be and what you can do about it.

There can be many reasons why Hair thinning may happen like, poor diet, too much stress, not getting enough sleep, too much exposure to pollution.All of these things can be treated and your can get back to normal thickness, but if you have Genetic thinning of hair, then there is nothing much you can do rather than hope that your hair thins and falls out gracefully.

Remember even naturally some of the hairs will be thinner than others, but not too many.

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