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Disadvantages of Watching Too Much Televisions TV for Children

The Bad

Can make you dumber:

Watching dumb shows can make you emulate the characters on the show and make you like them, a man judged by his company, same rule applies here. It might sound funny but its true!

Can make you gain weight:

Cant relate gaining weight with watching too much television?
Imagine just sitting around watching television all day, doing no excerscise, bound to gain weight!

Can take your focus of other more important things:

Getting addicted to television can make you forget your more important commitments such as family, work, friends and studies!

Can damage your eye:

The radiations coming out from the Television can have adverse effects on your eye. Fortunately nowadays televison brands are coming up with lesser affecting television screens!

Can cause social inadequancy:

Spending too much time in front of a television can make you anti social, in a day and age when your social life is everything, this would be disaster!

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