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Daisy Cakes Increases Sales Due to ABC "Shark Tank"|Buy Daisy Cakes online

Kim Nelson was the small time cake baking women who made it onto the ABC hit Show"Shark Tank" where people receive Great business and entrepreneurship tips from the biggest business men and entrepreneurs.

In the Show "Shark Tank" Kim Nelson gave the Businessmen a taste of their cake and asked them to invest 50000$ in her Daisy Cakes Business, The judges felt that the cake they ate from Daisy Cakes was the best and most tasty lite cake they had ever eaten, they said it was absolutely incredible.

Thus Kim Nelson got funded for her Cake Shop called Daisy Cakes.Their Website, got more hits in one day than it had ever got before totally and hence increased the profits and sales of Daisy Cakes.

People seem to be inspired by the Daisy Cakes and want to buy more and more of it, you can also buy it from their website.

Absolutely brilliant cakes, fun and tasty to eat.

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