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Hair Fall Loss Tips|The Hair Fall Cycle|Anagen Catagen Telogen| Natural

Hair Loss or Hair Fall can also occur as a consequence of a natural Hair Cycle, This is the natural hair fall and we should not be worried at all due to this.We normally tend to lose about 100 hair a day by this Natural Hair Loss Cycle.Here I will give you all the information you need to know about the Three phases of the Natural Hair Fall Cycle, Anagen Catagen Telogen.These are the three phases of the natural Hair fall cycle.Remember Thinning hair does not occur due the Natural hair fall cycle.

Anagen Phase of the Natural hair fall cycle-

Anagen Phase is generally the growth stage of the new hair, the new hair waiting to come out of the roots, pushes out the old hair and makes them fall.This process can take place over a timespan of several years.

Catagen Phase of the Natural hair fall cycle-

The Catagen Phase is what we call a "Dormant" Phase, where the Hair follicles have no activity and they just lay still, this phase usually occurs just before a Anagen Cycle.This Catagen Phase usually last for about a month

Telogen Phase of the Natural hair fall cycle-

This is the shedding stage, a lot of hair is shed and this usually means growing concerns of Male Pattern Baldness or Hair Loss, but it is also natural.At this stage you do not only lose hair while you shower, it occurs all the time during the day.If you feel you have Hair Fall, Read on -

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Hair Fall during Shower

Hair Fall While Combing

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