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Normal Number of Hair Fall per Day|Normal average daily hair fall Tips

Hair Fall affects over 75% of men over 35 years of age, so it is not so surprising to see that you may also be losing hair or seeing that your hair is gradually thinning out.But remember, many people think that they are affected by hair loss or hair fall,but they are actually not, many people do this mistake of thinking that they have hair fall even if they see just a few stands in the shower or while combing.You can see our posts on Hair loss in Shower and While combing after this one.

So what is the natural normal amount of hair fall in a day for men?How many hairs fall out in a day for men normally and naturally?For More on Natural Hair Fall Cycle.

The average daily normal hair fall for men may range anywhere between 80 to 150.This is absolutely normal to loose these many hair each and every day of your life.You may feel that that is a lot of hair to lose in one day, but it is not, it is actually less when compared to the 10 million hair on your head.And you may think that when each day so many hairs are falling out, soon you will start seeing bald patches, it does not work like that.If you are losing a 100 hair a day, a 100 hairs grow back too, so on an average, the hair on your head remains constant.

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