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Female Hair Loss|Hair Fall in women|Reasons Causes and Treatment

Many people believe that hair loss affects only Men, but it is a proven fact that even women undergo hair loss or hair fall, or at least a small number of them do, Men with Balding heads is a common thing and we see it everywhere, but a women with a balding head and thinning hair is very uncommon and most of us would not even have heard of it anywhere.But it does happen to about 1% of the total women population and also the degree of the hair loss or hair fall or thinning hair can be varying, but the most severe cases will be around .3% of the total population, but there is no risk to health.

The causes for Women Balding or the female hair loss is not very well understood.There are two types of hair loss in women, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.Alopecia Areata is a kind of Immune disease, that affect 2.5% of the population of USA, it can affect both men as well as women, therefore the chances of women being affected by Alopecia Areata is the same as that as men.It can be ranging from small round bald patches on the scalp or head to larger more predominant thinning and hair loss in women.Some of the patches can be regrown, but it is not always successful.You should visit your Hair specialist or hair doctor for treatment.

Androgenetic Alopecia is the Male Pattern Baldness in Men.

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