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Adsense USA - How to see which Ad units perform better? Custom Channels

An Adsense Publisher from USA asked me to write this post about how you can see which adsense ads or Adsense ad units are earning more for you and which Adsense ad units give you lesser earnings.This Custom Channels tool is very important for the growth of you as an adsense expert and after managing and working with ads and custom channels on your Adsense account, you will soon become an expert in Adsense optimization.

So first of all what are Custom Channels?

Custom Channels are just another feature of the Adsense Earnings viewing page, where you can see your earnings for each ad unit and ads on different pages of your website or Blog.This can be a very useful tool to see which ads perform better on your website and which ads don't and need to be removed or placed somewhere else.

You can see Custom Channels right? You can make new Channels for separate ad units and hence you can report what earnings you make from each of these separate ad units using the Custom Channels option.

Once you have enabled the Custom Channels feature, when you go to see your earnings, you will an option saying "Channels" there you can see detailed earnings, CPC, CTR for each ad unit.

If you ask me this is the most important Tool for Adsense Optimization.

So get Optimizing!

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