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Is someone else using your Adsense Ads on their website or Blog?Find out!

Many people do not even know that this is possible that someone else can use your Adsense code to get advertisements on their Blogs or Websites, although the Earnings will come to you, you may lose your account even if the blog or website that uses your Advertisements Code does not comply with Policies.So you should always keep checking whether someone is using your Adsense Ads on their Blog or website.But you do not know how to do that?Nothing to worry I will teach you here.

So Do you think someone else is using your Adsense Ads on their Blog or Website?Find out, Firstly go to your Adsense Account and put all your Ads int custom channels, And name them as your channels.Follow the Photo for help.

Now that you have set up your Custom Channels, see for a week or so that and see that you get all your earnings from those channels that you just set up.If you get any earnings that are not a part of your Channels, then look at the Adsense for Search Channels, see if the earnings add up, if they do not, then look for your Earnings From Adsense for RSS feeds.Even then if your earnings do not add up, then you can be sure that someone is using your Adsense Code.

So what should you do to stop others using your adsense ads?

Go to your Adsense account again.There visit "Allow and Block Ads".You can take help of the Photo.

Here you can choose only those URL that you want to serve ads on, This means that Ads will still be shown on all pages but only those URL which you have chosen will count.

Hope it helped.

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