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Michio Kaku - The God Particle| Higgs Boson Elementary Particle|Discovery

Michio Kaku, the leading Scientist in the world from Asia for the study of elementary particles such as Hadrons, Leptons, Quarks, Mesons, Etc and also the leading Audience puller for Discovery Science TV Channel, here talks about the Existence of the popularly termed, "The God particle" or scientifically known as the Higgs Boson, a master elementary particle which could solve so many Scientific mysteries, was named after the Scientist who proposed the theory about the hypothesis of a master fundamental elementary particle which may hold the key to many riddles that the elementary particles pose us.This unique particle is called "The God Particle" or the Higgs Boson.Scientists have been working for years to prove its existence and hence prove many of the Higgs Theories.

In This Video Scientist Michio Kaku talks about The God Particle or the Higgs Boson Elementary Particle.

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