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Phillip DeFranco Fans - DeFranco Vs Fluffee ? DeFranco all the way. VOTE

YouTube Sensation and dare I say the guy with the most addictive voice and expressions, Presenting - Phillip DeFranco or Popularly know as SxePhil.This is a Vote out between Phillip DeFranco and Fluffee, Plus a few other YouTube celebrities, who do not  really matter, but yeah you guys can vote for your Favorite YouTube Celebrity (SxePhil(DeFranco)) and we will release the results soon after we get sufficient votes.

By the way let me fill you in some stuff about these YouTube Celebrities - We all know about SxePhil but do we really know about this Canadian called Fluffee? Who is he? Oh ya he's the guy half of whose videos are about Pot ( If you get what I mean) So Who is the best, Vote it out guys. 

Who is your Favorite YouTube Celebrity?

If you feel like saying something, you are free to comment below!
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