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How to host your new website on Google App Engine Easily

When Google came into the website hosting business, we webmasters were sure that it was a new age of better and cheaper hosting as Google optimizes everything and hence cuts costs, therefore we need to pay lesser to Obtain Hosting rights on Google.Google Hosting through app engine is the most reliable and safe hosting services as the Google Servers themselves take care of your website hosting as well as provide bandwidth for your growing visitors.

Hosting on Google App Engine will cost very little compared to other Hosting Services as they provide 1GB free bandwidth, 1GB free storage for your HTML and Image hosting files.So you need to pay for the hosting only if you exceed the free bandwidth of 1 GB on Google Hosting.

So how to Host a Website on Google App Engine?

1)First of all visit. Google Hosting.

Here you need to select what you want to do.That is go to to Create New Project.

From here on it is a very simple process and all you need to do is follow the easy to understand Guides.

If you get stuck anywhere please fell free to Ask me by commenting below.

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