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Hair Loss Hair Fall during Combing?Single Strands or Clumps fall out comb!

Hair Loss is a very concerning thing to be going through, it can make you mentally weak and also make you unable to concentrate on important things in life such as work, education or Family.So do you think you are having hair fall?Are you losing a lot of hair while combing?Even with single strokes of the comb through your, are you losing single strands or Clumps of hair?How many hair strands do you lose while combing?I will answer all these questions here and now about hair fall while combing.

While combing usually, the average man loses about 15 to 20 hair in single strands and never ever in clumps of 100's of hair.A normal man without hair-fall loses about 15 or 20 single strands during combing.This number may increase to 30 or 40 if you had just taken a shower and your hair is all wet and tangled up, at this time when you brush your hair using a comb, you will pull out any hair that gets tangled to your Comb and hence make it get pulled out from the roots, do not worry this type of hair fall or hair loss during combing is pretty normal.

What you should worry about while combing your hair is when you start losing hair in the hundreds, that is lose hair in clumps while combing.So then you should check out Hair loss tips.

Otherwise if you are losing just a few hair, you should be fine and never use a comb while your hair is wet or you just came out of the shower, use your hands instead of your Comb during these times.

Also, Hair Fall during Showering.

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