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My Birds

Please avoid COPYRIGHT infringement.
Here are all the Birds that are a part of my family:
 This is my favorite bird, My cockatiel, Snowy!
 This is my cockatiel Snowy and My Friend Bhargav's  Cockatiel together.
That cage below is just a travel crate.
 This is my parakeet/budgie, his name is Lucas.
 This is a picture of my birds hanging out together under the bed. They spend hours like this.
Again the birds hanging out.
 Same here!
 My parakeets and Lovebirds are good friends actually!
 Snowy my cockatiel eating chillies from my hand.
Not good quality picture, sorry, it's my cockatiel with my female budgie Birdy!
 My cockatiel on a portrait at home!
Snowy getting a good preen from me!
 Snowy doesn't like me pulling on her crest...!
Birds eating coriander.
 Beautiful Snowy!
Same here!
 My lovebird doing some tricks!
Snowy flying on my hand!
 The blue parakeet is Drogba, cause i support Chelsea!
 Drogba, Lucas and Snowy!
 Cute Lucas!
Again trick by my lovebird.
 Lovebird getting up, you see their wings are not clipped?
 Lovebirds sharing!
 Lovebird dreaming!
 Cutest thing on earth!
 Again trick!
Snowy and Lucas looking out of the window!
 The faovrite place to chill for the guys!
Lovebirds sleeping on the steps!
 Lucas on my leg!
Lucas reading my 2nd PUC  physics books.
 Snowy ready for a nap.
Again chilling birds!

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