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Adbrite vs Chitika vs Infolinks vs Bidvertizer

I used Adbrite for a while in my personal blog and it did not give out very good results.I was not very happy, It has very low CPC and the advertisements do not even show up sometimes.Also it takes more than a day for the first time advertisements to show up.They are not content related at all, so no use of targeted traffic.

Chitika is slightly better than Adbrite, although Chitika has all the above problems, the magnitude of these problems is less.But Chitika Ads can be seen only by those in USA although anyone around the world can put it up.

Infolinks is an advertising platform which can be used along with Google Adsense.These are mainly In-Line Ads and do not have much CPC due to the fact that they are not content based.Also you need to have a PayPal account for Infolinks.

Bidvertizer: Bidvertizer is slightly better than all the three above and provides some level of targeted advertisements based on our content,

Out of these four I would go for Bidvertizer and Infolinks.
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William said...

I am glad that you posted this article. I was thinking of trying out adbrite but I guess I won't anymore.

Gautham A S said...

@William Thanks Bro!Glad to help.

Jay Schwartz said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. The truth is I've been very dissapointed with infolinks, and I'm almost ready to dump it completely, as I think it cheapens the value of my content. Adbrite also has text links, and I'm thinking of giving them a spin, as I don't see Chitika really inspiring much. I ran Bidvertiser on some of my old websites some years back and was disgusted by the irrelevant ads they posted. Maybe I'll take a look again based on your suggestion. Amazon Associates seems to have worked best for me thus far in terms of people actually clicking on the links. It's a shame they don't do PPC!

Michael White said...

Thank you for the helpful information. Diversification in income sources seems quite valuable, definitely.

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