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Can Lovebirds and Parakeets/budgies be kept together?live together?

A very frequent question by all those who own lovebirds and parakeets and are thinking of keeping them together in the same cage.
First of all i would not recommend keeping a lovebird and parakeet together in same cage.Lovebirds and parakeets MAY fight and the lovebird WILL win.
By win, I mean break the budgies legs, tear its beak or kill it.
However my budgies and lovebirds act they are best friends sometimes, and enemies the next instant, so what I am saying is you need to supervise them.You can see here what happens when a lovebird and parakeet and fed their food together:
Here you can see Lovebirds and parakeets  being calm around each other:
Here you can see my parakeet and lovebird preening themselves with my cockatiel also around!
Yes, Lovebirds and parakeets  are my birds and i own the videos but you are free to embed them in your website.
Lovebirds and parakeets and even cockatiels can live together but they need to be supervised.

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mmen420 said...

hi I have 1 webpage about my african lovebirds who escaped but returned back... I made an 9 feet aviary started taking care of 4 lovebirds and 11 budgies since Nov. 2010 but unfortunately since then, I already have a total of 5 budgies and 1 african lovebirds who got sick and died. I feed them regularly but some got sick for 3 months and died, some only 1 to 2 weeks and died. I dont know why. It frustrates me somehow, because I take care of them.
Can you please tell me what kind of food to give? I've read every article in the internet but I think there is some secret in taking care of these birds.
Let me share to you my webpage

Gautham A S said...

Hey, I checked out your Blog, seems like you care for your birds a lot.When your lovebird returned back, you should have kept her in quarantine for at least a week to ten days as you never know what they might have picked up on the outside world, if this lovebird had picked up any disease, it might have infected the other birds that were in your aviary, some birds have more immunity than others and hence they could survive for three months as you said.
Please see this for foods that I feed my lovebirds,parakeets and cockatiel.
Hope It Helped:)
And sorry for your loss:(

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