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Adsense India - Tips to get Adsense Account Approval

Adsense is something all website or blog owners want to have as a means of revenue or additional income.
Over the years it has become tough for Indians to get accepted into Adsense program due to various reasons, we are not here to discuss them, I will tell you some things you can do to get Adsense Approval for your account for sure.
1)You need to have a website or blog for more than six months.Preferably If you have it for a year or so, Google will know it can trust you and your website.
2)Do not use any other Advertising agencies at the time of Applying for the adsense account.This will surely make your application get rejected.
3)Have very good content on your website or blog which is UNIQUE and not copied from somewhere.
4)Do not have content that is against the rules of Adsense Program Policies.
5)Better to have your own domain.There are speculations that Google does not accept Sub domains, although after being accepted, you can add advertisements to your blogs or sub domains.
6)Give proper details that are matching your Google account, as this will be essential.

Hope it helped.
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bmoja said...

Easiest way to get a account apply as a nonindians

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