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Buy Cockatoo, macaw, parrots,cockatiel for cheap prices in India?

First thing you would do, when you have made a decision to buy a pet bird is to go check the internet for prices of the birds you want, like macaws,cockatoo,parrots,cockatiel etc. You will go looking for the cheapest prices available and make about a dozen calls to pet bird breeders and pick the lowest price offering pet bird breeder.
Not a good idea!
There is a reason why some breeders have a slightly higher price than others, some breeders use the highest quality equipment while looking after thier birds and hence will make the cost of the bird slightly higher.
Some others ill treat thier birds and are looking to offload them and hence offer a lower price.
I am not saying go look for the costliest bird and buy it, make a wise decision.
Get your sources right, ask a few experts and then go for it.
You can see prices of pet birds in india.

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