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Importance of Perches for Pet Birds

Perches are the most important thing you need when buying a bird, remember a bird can live without a cage but it requires perches to sit on as they enjoy sitting on perches than flat surfaces like floors. Perches can be fitted into cages or kept outside. The favorite perch for a pet bird or parrot would be a T - Stand Perch.You must consider getting one for your pet bird. You can buy perches online for small cost of few dollars.

What type of perches to use?what type of perches not to use?
Perches come in all shapes,sizes,textures, colors.
You should consider getting at least three different types of perches for your pet bird's cage as they need variety.
Make sure you don't have any perches that are same circumference throughout, get one with varying diameter.Birds love this. Don't get any perches with paint coated on them as birds often bite their perches and you don't want them to be swallowing any paint, this may make them very sick.
Also make sure you get natural wood perches and rope perches as these are very good for the birds to chew on, something they like very much.
Getting a concrete perch also would not be a bad idea as they help trim the birds nails, a task you would have to do manually if you didn't have concrete perches.Also pet birds love Boing perches, you can buy them online as well.They will be slightly more costly.
Finally make sure you replace broken perches as you don't want your birds getting injured.

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