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Why are Lovebirds So cute? Cuter than Puppy dogs!

Lovebirds are definitely the cutest things you can see on the planet when they want to be, they can also be very mean as I have blogged about in Lovebirds and Parakeets kept together. But what better sight than a pair of peach face lovebirds cuddling and preening? They are absolutely lovely, Probably where the name Lovebirds comes from!Surely they are cuter than Puppy dogs, even golden retriever puppies!<3<3<3

These are my two lovebirds acting really cute, sleeping by the steps corner after having a nice meal of vegetables, fruits, pellets and seed mix and also after playing with their other friends, my cockatiel snowy and my plenty of parakeets.
Some times they do need some alone time away from the other birds.
The other birds too were sleeping away from camera view.SUCH CUTENESS!I LOVE MY BIRDS!!
The second video is not mine, but i love it so wanted to share it with you guys!

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