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Top 5 Travel Destinations In The world 2011 Wonderful Places.

Hello everyone, You are here looking for the Best places to travel in 2011 around the world? Then you have come to the right place.Here is a list of five places which I would Recommend you to visit during the year 2011.These are absolutely some of the Most Spectacular Travel Destinations around the world and of course are some of the most Breathtaking Places on the Planet.

1)The Eiffel Tower - Paris - France
It has been voted as one of the most famous and Sought after travel destinations in the world at the moment.

2)The Taj Mahal - Agra -India
It is the biggest symbol of love in the world and almost everyone in the world knows of its Grandeur and white marble beauty.

3)Sydney Opera House - Sydney - Australia
The Sydney Opera house is the most visited place in Australia and rightly so due to its architectural and engineering marvels.

4)Hong Kong Disney Land - Hong Kong - China
The most Visited amusement park in the world and of course it is the best!

5)Kashmir Vale - Kashmir - India
The most beautiful place on earth, cold weather and is termed as "Heaven on Earth"

Travel destinations!

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1 comment:

Commercial Property Sydney said...

i have seen the 3 places you listed here, and im looking forwards to see more beautiful scenery next month.

Peter Kelly

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