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Google Nexus S Buy In India Price and Cost - How to?

So are you an indian Who wants to buy Google Nexus S, the Latest Smart phone and the best smart phone released by Google and Samsung working together for the first time?Then you came to the right place as We have done a lot of research and finally found how an Indian can buy the Google Nexus S smart phone.

Here are some ways in which you can buy Google Nexus S in India -

1)Ask a Friend who is in the USA to buy it for you and unlock it in India.This is a tiresome process but you can save some money by doing this.

2)Buy Online, form Flipkart.This I feel is the best way to Buy Google Nexus S phone in India.You can Go for this option. The Google Nexus S is Priced at 28000 Rupees in Flipkart, which I feel is a Decent Price.
It will be delivered to your Home within 3 working days.

Hope it helped.

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1 comment:

Startonomics said...

Flipkart sells S-LCD version of Nexus there is an AMOLED screen shortage with samsung for asia.

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