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Economic effects of Japan earthquake on USA Europe India

Everyone who is into World stock markets or anyone in the finance banking sector will know what happened as a natural disaster in Japan can have major impact on Finance banking sector as well as global businesses.

The bank of Japan has said that they will look at the losses and current economic conditions of Japan, The USA as well as the whole world and decide upon a contingency plan to counter the economic crisis that can so easily occur from this saddening situation in Japan.

The Bank of Japan is reportedly going to input in upwards of 30 billion dollars into the world market to soothe the current situation which has arisen in the last few days due to the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan, which some people believe is related to 2012 prophecies. More on that in our 2012 labels, check them out.

The bank of Japan is a major player in world markets and is looking at providing liquidity to the stock markets first thing tomorrow morning to bring to an ease the growing concerns of finance bankers and investment bankers.

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