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Barack Obama Birth Certificate not USA Citizen Not eligible President Vote

Barack Obama is known for his moving words and amazing confidence as well as the Noble Peace Prize that he has won, hence he is Noble Laurette.He is also know for being the mastermind behind the operation for finally putting to an end the menace of Osama Bin Laden and his Al Quaeda Organisation.He is no doubt a worthy US President and a Worthy Successor to the Former President of the united States of America, George W Bush.

But recently there have been claims about  Barack Obama's Birth Certificate, that his Birth Certificate is fake and he actually belongs to one of the Arab Countries and hence is not a Citizen of USA. But since he has lived in USA for a long time, he has the citizenship anyways, so these conspiracy theorists can take a hike. Also people ask him about his origin, where he is from and his adopted family Etc.Barack Obama has given the right answers to all these questions, yet he is questioned about his past, Whatever may be his past, he has definitely worked for the people of USA and has helped them a lot in countering Social and Economical Concerns as well as Finishing Osama Bin Laden as well as getting revenge for 9/11.

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